Sunday, 15 April 2012


Collins Justine Peter of II BA English Copy Editor
is back with another work of short fiction 

She stands by the window and  breathes the dark night. Wind blew unusually strong. All I can see are two things; the lady’s long hair and the window curtains, waving in the dark wind. I go near the lady and my footsteps signal to her my approach. 

She asked, “why are these clouds dark and heavy like never before?”.

Now I have her tremulous arms on mine. I reply, “Let it rain”. 

She looks at me and asks, “Did that hurt you?” 

This time the drizzles begin to touch us and spread a cold through our cloudy minds. I gently close the windows and make the lady lie on bed. I hide her under the blanket and thus from the lightening night. Her eyes weigh in tiredness and she slips into sleep repeating, “did that hurt….did that hurt….did that……."

I lock the door, separating me and the lady for a while and come to my office cabin. I take a patient’s record from among many others and enter the name of a hypnotic drug which I administered on the lady. I have three fresh bloody scars on my neck which had just ceased its cry. She lost her six year old daughter six months before and I failed to notice my daughter climbing the parapet while we were playing on the terrace. Guilt and pain woke me up when I saw height consume her body.

Now all I need is my sun to rise and to see my wife out of the clutches of drug. I am all alone without her. Let it rain inside her in this dark night.