Friday, 16 November 2012

Mary Magdalene

Welcome Lissy Jose of I MA English to Heart-Bytes!
She has attempted a flash fiction.
Hope you like reading it.

What is the tallest? Pride. What is taller than that? Hunger.

What is the loudest? This roaring sea. What is louder than that? The Mind.

What is the most frightening? Death. What is more frightening than that? To be hated by everyone.

I can’t remember when I started running. It has been months and years and I lost count. All I remember is that they were very angry. They flung stones at me and called me a harlot. They had had sweet tongues when they visited me at night. How can you make love to someone and hate them at the same time?

They ran me to the end of the world and now I am met with the sea, its boiling rage and blinding sun.  I collapsed onto its golden lap. Strangely I could smell my mother’s perfume. It was my favorite fragrance till the stench of shabby currencies sedated me. Hunger blinded me like a huge wall and my pride was dwarfed. I stooped to flesh.

I want to go back to my mother’s womb…

Suddenly I heard a voice like a thousand thunder bolts striking at once.  For a while silence swallowed the world. I heard retreading steps. Stones kissed the earth in apology. That moment I knew I met with the sea of love.