Monday, 6 June 2016


Medley of esoteric amorousness …..
Ocean of ceaseless care….
Tears of geniality…
Heaven of undying concern…
Enthralling adorableness of the divine face…

Rich with everything admirable in this cosmos…
                       That’s my

The Fountain Pen- Asna T.A. (II DC Economics)

“I have been waiting for this moment” Karan cried, seizing Vijay by the collar of his shirt. Vijay’s eyes blurred by the precipitation that slid from his hair. “What do you think of yourself? Huh? What spell have you put on amma and appa to make them love you this much and in return, hate me? I am tired, ok? I am tired of convincing them that I am worthy. Ever since you got in to my life, they even forgot that they have a son like me. Everything was fine when I was their only child. You might not know that pain because you have never experienced it. Oh! I used to hear the sound of coins when you walk. Where do get the money from? We starve here so you could possibly get the money from stealing. ” Karan stopped for breath. “I don’t care about your money!!! I can’t ever ask you these things when amma is around, you know why? Because you are the worst! Justice will always be rendered to ‘you’ in the end. That’s the law here, right?”

Karan throws Vijay so hard that his head strikes on the edge of a wall. Vijay takes huge effort to get back on his feet; his face now gory. He tries to speak but his sound cracks. He, somehow, manages to say, “Bhaiyya…what have I done to make you hate me this much? Nothing on intention, bhaiyya. Believe me. What do you want me to do?”

Amma and appa has left to visit amma’s bedridden uncle. As they know the journey would take few days, their two children have to be left at home itself so that they could look after the cattle and Vijay could attend the local school there. Karan has been waiting for a chance to pounce on his brother. He lives with the belief that his parents have no concern for him but for his brother. His vengeance has been brewing all these years.  

“I want you gone. Okay? Forever. And, for god’s sake, leave me alone!” Karan blurted out these words and ran to the woods, crying. Vijay watches his brother vanishing to the darkness of the forest, open-mouthed. He swallows hard and sits on the doorway of the tiny hut, fixing his eyes on the deep darkness of the forest.

The chirpings of the bird has now stopped. The sinking of the sun in the west gives a crimson effect to the sky. The sweat and the tears on Vijay’s face have now dried up due to the occasional blowing of the wind. He is all pale now; his head resonating the words of his brother. A cat sneaks through the kitchen door and starts surveying inside. The clattering of the metals from the kitchen could not get his attention.

Karan gets back late and go straight to his bed, not caring about his brother. He lay awake on his bed for some time and then fall asleep.

The sunlight slants through the window and fall on Karan’s face. He scratches his eyes with his hands and gets up from his bed. When he stretches, he notices a notebook on the cot. He takes it up. He opens to find his photo on the first page under which it is written,”my beloved bhaiiyya…” Karan turns the page:

3 March 1997

I wonder how my bhaiiyya looks after amma. Today amma fell in the fields and I saw bhaiiyya running to her. He was by her side all day, checking on her. I want to be like him. He is the best.

4 March 1997

Today I drew on bhaiiyya’s notebook. I wanted to surprise him with a beautiful picture I drew for him. But he threw the book at my face and got angry for drawing in his book. I felt guilty. Amma ran to my rescue as he began to beat me. I do not want amma to do that. I should get the punishment for my mistake. Bhaiiyya had every right to beat me.

5 March 1997                                                                

I do not know why bhaiiyya hates me this much. He doesn’t talk to me much. He is always angry with me. I do not know what I have done. I would do anything to make it up to him. If I could only do that…

Karan strokes the beads of sweat that has formed on his forehead. He turns few pages and reads:

11 May 1997

Bhaiiyya asked for a fountain pen. But appa said he didn’t have the money to get him that. Appa tries really hard to get us food. I know. But he gets sweets for both of us some times. He could save that money and get the pen. Besides, bhaiiyya doesn’t even eat sweets.

7 July 1997

I lied to amma that I was going to play with my friends. I, actually, went to that tea shop. The owner finally gave me permission to work there. I will get paid too. I will make money and get my bhaiiyya a fountain pen

3 August 1997

I bought the pen today. I cannot break the surprise now.  Thank you, God! I know he wants the best for this family so he should get the best. He will talk to me more after I gift him this…and he would play with me…

The next pages are blank. Karan realizes that that day is 5 August 1997 and he also comes to know that his cheeks are wet with tears. Suddenly, he notices something glittering on the table- The Fountain Pen. He runs out of the room.

“vijay. Vijay. Vij…” he halts when he realizes that his brother’s chappal has gone and so is his brother’s dresses. Karan sits on the bare floor, numb.

The wind rattles the front door. The sky is clear and bright. The chirpings of the bird fill the air. The fountain pen twinkles in the sunlight.

PROVOKED: Film Review by SREENANDINI.V.R (II DC Zoology)

  Povoked-a true story is a movie inspired by a real life incident of domestic abuse suffered by a middle class indian woman at the hands of her english borne husband. The central characters are Kiranjit Ahulwalia poryrayed by Aishwarya Rai, Deepak Ahulwalia by Naveen Andrews and Veronica Scott by Miranda Richardson. The movie was directed by Jag Mundhra.

                                                                 The movie revolves around Kiranjit who was an innocent girl who had pinned her hopes on going to college but was forced into an arranged marriage with Deepak. She finds her husband loving and caring in the initial days of their marriage and she gives birth to two beautiful young children. She does full justice to her roles as a wife and a loving mother. But in the due course of their marriage she realizes the true colour of her husband.He was a male chauvinist who considered all women as subhuman. He tortures her mentally and physically and life becomes an unending torment for Kiranjit.
                                                                  After enduring ten years of constant abuse,unbearable brutality and repeated rapes at the hands of her husband, Kiranjit sets fire to his bed while he was asleep. Though her only intention was to hurt him, she ends up killing her husband.She is charged with the crime of murder and is sent to imprisonment.

                                                                 To her fortune she befriends an inmate in the cell, Veronica who helps her in learning english and to make an appeal too with the help of her brotherEdward who was an advocate. Ultimately she is freed  with the help of Edward at Southall Black sisters, an organisation run by South Asian social workers. The film coveys a moving story of an Indian woman suffering years of abuse only because she does not realize that she has the power to control her own life......
Aishwarya Rai carries the role with perfection. Her dark deep blu eyes strikes a cord with every audien as they radiates emotions like pain, shock, bewilderment etc. Though the direction has some flaws like no psychological ground for her husband to be abusive, the movie handled a sensitive subject of domestic violence and succeeded in conveying the message to the audience with a powerful impact. The cinematography was beautifully handled by Madhu Ambat and the background music score by oscar winning director A.R. Rahman added more feeling to the movie.
                                                   This film is a reminder to our society, especially for women asking to raise the powerful voice against domestic violence and understand the importance of self dignity. the film also throws light upon the great values of self-independence and EDUCATION...........................

summer's farewell- Ansil P.A. ( II BSc. Botany )

Let me open my windows wide,
Summer night is waiting outside.
With an invitation concealed,
Of roses and dandelion made.

Oh! The language is outdated,
Egyptian or cuneiform scripted.
Hey, the language of nature it is,
But not more familiar to me.

Maybe someone could translate it,
Dusty wind or noisy crickets.
But both are allergic to me,
Savage and uncivilized guys.

Maybe moon could help me,
He's such a fair guy.
Where we once visited first
On an awful July night.

But now he stares smilingly,
With a sort of pity face.
And also trying to tease me,
With my dilemma in those text.

Breaking the silence, summer speaks,
Invited to her farewell,
As she won't come next year
Voluntarily retiring from the year.

As a matter of fact,
She told me that .
Now all are accusing her
For the scorching weather.

Wind,cricket and moon now asks;
Is summer only responsible for that.
With all apologies I realize that,
Greedy myself , responsible for that.

                                       Ansil PA

The Lone Flower- -Ansil .P.A (lI BSc Botany)

In the sweet spring of ninetysix,
Bloomed my life in nature's lap 
World welcomed with a wow,
I pretend to smile but how?

Misty mornings and glistening nights, 
And tweeting birds monologues.
Faded away in horizon's wings;
All my blissful childhood dreams.

The time had slipped, the seasons change,
Nature's nature itself changed.
The breeze is now a storm;
Which changed my life's norm 

Friends came like buzzing bees,
Linger around for selfish deeds.
Though they are social flees,
Made me solitary in those vine.

The care of dear is no more there.
And the hectic world now dares to care.
In this shore of abandoned mind,
Waves are there to wipe my tears.


Amidst Mexico and Canada
Lies Uncle Sam.
He is blessed
With multicultural children,
With a pool of best brains in the world.
They love Him very much. Why ?
For the care that he gives them.
For the protection which he ensures.
For the individual freedom he grants.

His children spends their good time
In the wonderful Hollywood and Los Angeles
In the expensive Beverly Hills,
In the beautiful beaches of Miami,
In the breathtaking waterfalls at Niagara,
In the marvelous mountains of Colorado.
And the incredible canyons of Utah.
He has got a fantastic land.

He is really blessed.
For almost all of his grown-up children are professionals.
They consider every business and
Every employment as a profession.
There are no biases in the minds of children.
To see an engineer or lawyer
Or a medical practitioner as superior to
A professor of political science
Or a musician or a boxer.
His children study in the best places.
Many mothers from far-off lands
Send their children to Him.
For unmatched exposures.
From the distant varsities
Of Wisconsin and Iowa
To the prestigious, busy varsities
Of Harvard, Yale, and Columbia.

In the Empire City,
A grandma stands lonely on an island.
She is Libertas from France.
She bears the torch of enlightenment
In her right hand
And a book of freedom
In her left hand for scores.
Within a few years, she has become
The most famous symbol
Of Uncle Sam and His children.
She invites new friends
And sometimes adopts and baptizes them
Into the large family of Uncle Sam.
She stands as a symbol of
Companionship of Uncle Sam with France.
She never returned to her homeland.
She now works for Him,
To beckon children and mothers
From both nearer and remote lands.

The motion pictures made by Uncle,
His children and their friends
Are renowned all over the world
For their originality and superior quality.
He gives the Academy Awards,
For the children talented in
The art of making motion pictures
All over the world.

The want-satisfying-system of Uncle’s family
Is the largest in the world.
Making the most advanced things and services
Available to his children and his trade partners.
Today, any drastic happening within his family
Has its impacts
On other families around the world.

One could get a glimpse of architecture
Of Aunt Espana in the homes,
Buildings and streets
Where Uncle's children live.
Amazing new styles of construction
Has been developing every day by his children.

Almost all the languages spoken
On the earth’s surface can find a speaker
In the family of Uncle Sam.
And most of his children
Speaks English developed by Him,
In a peculiar way which is different
From what the children of
The queen of the Great Island speak.
Many of them loves to communicate
In Spanish like the children dwelling
In Texas and New Mexico.
And also in French like the ones in Louisiana.

The lives of many of the children has been inspiring
Like Tommy Edison, for inventors
The Honest Abe, for politicians
Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet, for business.
Sylvester Stallone for acting.
There are innumerable examples in various fields.
But I love these children very much.

But, it is worth-condemning that,
Some of his children waste a lot of money
When they look for material pleasures
In the casinos and sex shops
Of Las Vegas and New York City.

Most of the children have no trust
In the institution of marriage,
And they prefer just to live together.
Racism hasn’t gone completely
From the minds of some of them.
New life styles are sprouting out.
But many of them seek inner peace
Through spiritual exercises.
The practitioners of martial arts,
Qi Gong, Zen and Yoga has been increasing
Day by day.

Whatever it may be,
A perfect mix of diversified life styles
The unique experience with Uncle and his children
The best education in the world
Friendship with global-minded children
Unforgettable travel experiences
And many other factors continues
To attract children of diversified
Parentage from various parts and cultures
Of the globe to the lap of Uncle Sam.
As he instructed,
The Libertas grandma standing on a gigantic pedestal
Facing the Atlantic calls out,

“Come to Uncle, He will take care of you well”.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Insecurity - O. Aishwarya (III BA Economics)

Locked in a cage of doubts and insecurities, 
I would love to be able to just let it go. 
But my thoughts defy me, words anger me, 
And the actions of others hurt me irrevocably. 
Oh! How I wish I could find a way 
To silence these voices for evermore 
If I could only hush this voice of my mind 
I know in the end I’ll be just fine. 
The voice that wounds me with barbs and arrows. 
The voice that says I’m unworthy, unloved. 
The voice that says I’m not pretty enough. 
That’s the voice of my insecurity. 
Yet I have decided in the deepest corner of my heart, 
Some day I will just let it go. 
I’ll break the bars of the cage that holds me, 
and emerge triumphant and victorious 
Into a world full of possibilities 
Where words don’t hurt me anymore 
And the actions that people perform 
Wont have the power to break my form. 
One day in the not-so-distant future. 
I will find the strength to just let go.