Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Here is a poem 
Jude Gerald Lopez 
3rd Year BA English Copy Editor

Is it greener on the other side?
Or does the same dust rise
If I wanted to find out,
Would man’s imagination stop me?
His world with tri coloured yet wrinkled pieces of cloth,
His world condensed within delusional lines
For me just as for a lake, it seems absurd
And so I ask
Just as the blind that has never seen the sun rise,
Rise into all this chaos,
And so I ask
Is it greener on the other side?

I vowed to stay true to You
Yet those curled up lines above an indigo stamp
Has made me find new soil for my potted plants
And the memory of drier soil
Quenches an age old thirst
That dies in drought, and revives itself in this purchased bliss

Forget the greenness or the bareness
I found something when I left
And in finding a dime I did lose all else
So I decide on my death bed
That as soon as I am liberated
I will come back
Beyond man’s lines of insecurity
Like the river I would like to be
With wind in my hair and lost dreams in my head
I will come
And as I run maybe, just maybe
Lead will meet a ghost’s flesh
And the green may turn red
But all the while, I will remain content
Knowing or not knowing
The manipulativeness of these curvy lines
That names us, who used to name all else.