Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Journey To Dawn

Bhanusree S. Kumar of I Year BA English Copy Editor joins us on Heart-Bytes with 'The Journey to Dawn'. We look forward to her pleasant companionship on our own literary sojourn.

The Journey to Dawn

I dived fathoms deep
Into the raven-hued dark
Devoid of any chirp,
Caw, mew or bark.

I swam through the raucous
Silence that scares,
Amidst unwelcome beasts
Of day and their snares.

The air smelled rancid
From the waft of fear,
But vanished when I put
My faith in prayer.

Once or twice, I sensed
Visages familiar,
But time was scarce
And my route was clear.

I begged the waves to
Bless me with time to spare,
As I watched the act
With voices in full blare.

The act was a tale of joy
Peppered with no vicious treachery.
Just some harmless titter
That augmented the serenity.

But something clasped and
Shoved me to and fro,
And the waves around me
Humungous did they grow.

I craved for the lost peace
But saw my mother at the bay.
Her words ran amok
And slew all felicity in the fray.

Dragging my drowsy frame up, I straightened
The arrogance of my exhausted frizz.
The torment of the first rays ceased and
I soaked myself in the early morning bliss.

A Poem In Two Parts

Abraham Varghese from 3rd Year BSc Mathematics thinks aloud on a socially relevant topic.



Bloodshed on the streets
weapons on rent,
corruption now painted
Saffron, White and Green!

“The whole state in turmoil,
why should I care?
I have my own problems,
I’m a common man!”

At day a pedestrian
at night a silent sleeper
immune to flattery and critics
skin made of callousness

“The money is mine,
so is the energy.
When words are used
to wound and kill,
I take to silence
Silence is my right!”


“People, people everywhere
not a single one to help!
I am left all alone
to save this wounded soul.

Money enters to close the heart,
taking control of every part.
Also, power corrupts the mind
a person at peace, hard to find.

“All the corrupt must be condemned
so must those men with swords,
we strive to remove every blot
with our sweat blood and tears”

Silence only spawns more evil
empowering vice to dictate the terms,
instead protest, disobey and shout.
If one of them hears,
that's a start!"