Saturday, 23 September 2017

Letter to My Best Teacher- Mary Angel Thomas

This letter was selected as the best letter in the letter writing competition conducted by College Union on Teachers' Day

Dear Johnson sir,
You know, I used to think that we’re the unlucky ones because each time we get a free period, you  magically show up out of nowhere and  take class that hour. Every Saturday when others sit at home, we’re the ones who have extra class. And as for the holidays , we’ll be piled up with a hundred assignments to do. We are probably the only ones who would have written so many retests till date. Its almost natural for any student to think “Ee Sirnu verre onnum cheyyan ille”.
But then now I realize how lucky we are to have such a dedicated teacher like you. When other teachers enjoy their free time leisurely, you choose to refer an extra book to help us with our studies. I remember one of my teachers  telling me about your legendary stories of teaching 3 different classes and that too in the same hour. You sir, are amazing! I must say, you are worthy of all praise. Such dedication you show! You are probably one of the very few people who have proved that they teach out of passion and not out of the need for money.
We are indeed the lucky ones because we’ve got you and we’re certainly proud to have a teacher who covers every nook and corner of his subject. You’re a teacher who never gets tired of repeating what we don’t understand even for a 100 times. Only you would do that. You make sure that each and every student of yours understands every bit of what is being taught and only you would take retest after retest until we all get good marks and learn well enough.
On this teachers’ day, I’d like to thank you for being the wonderful teacher that you are. I’ve just known you for a barely year and a half but I’m feel extremely. This college sure is very lucky to have you as one of its contributors for the past 36 years. I’m sure each student you have taught will be thankful to you. Never change, okay? You are awesome the way you are. ‘Sir chumma pwoli aanu sire’.And by the way, I forgot to wish you…So here goes: Happy Teachers Day! J
Yours sincerely,
Mary Angel Thomas,
II Bcom ca.

Ps: ‘ ithrem paranja sthidhiku njangalku oru free period thanoode sir?’ J

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